The future of the market

In many countries, consumers of all sizes may access the free contracting environment, through a process which is referred to as “electricity bill portability”, whereby the consumer chooses their electricity supplier in the same way they choose an Internet or phone provider. Recently, the Ministry of Mines and Energy set up a workgroup made up of representatives from a number of institutions and players from the electricity industry, with the aim of developing proposals for the modernization and opening of the market, with the possibility of reaching the household level. The first step has been taken, with the reduction of the minimum contracted demand for consumers to have access to the Free Contracting Environment from 3.0 MW to 2.5 MW as from July 2019, and, subsequently, 2.0 MW as from January 2020. Further reductions in this limit are expected to take place over the coming years until we reach a total opening of the market.

Migration process


Economic feasibility analysis to support the customer’s decision to migrate to the Free Contracting Environment.


Disclosure of the current supply contract with the Distributor.


Definition of the amount of electricity to be purchased under a long-term contract in the Free Contracting Environment.


Adjustment of the Billing Measurement System (SMF) with the Distributor.


Signature of the Contracts for Connection to the Distribution System (CCD) and Use of the Distribution System (CUSD) with the local distributor.


Registration with the Electricity Trading Chamber (CCEE) to become a market agent.

For this entire process, count on the capability and expertise of Electra Energy to purchase your electricity in the Free Contracting Environment.