CCEE Leverage Factor

As established in ANEEL Normative Resolution No. 1,072/23 and its Annex - Prudential Monitoring Manual, agents must calculate, via the platform made available by CCEE, a leverage factor (measure to help the market assess the financial capacity of companies to bear the risks assumed in the sale of energy).

The objective of CCEE Monitoring is to provide greater security for energy market operations, evaluating the level of leverage of agents. The Leverage Factor (LF) is a crucial element for assessing the risk exposure of each agent in relation to their adjusted net worth. This will provide a comprehensive understanding of the exposure levels of traders, generators, and consumers.

A positive LF index indicates that the closer to zero it’s the better, which indicates that the agent has the financial strength to operate in the energy market. The LFs calculated for Electra Group companies confirm our commitment to a solid and prudent operation, focused on risk management and business sustainability.

Below we disclose the Leverage Factor of the Electra Group’s sales companies:
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