The energy of solidarity can transform the world

Electra believes that companies should contribute, whenever possible, to projects that improve the quality of life of the people and communities in which they operate. Therefore, we seek to support initiatives that transform the lives of people, cities and companies, whether through health, education or culture.

See below the main projects supported by us in recent years:

  • 2014 - Carmen Monarcha Concerts

    To promote the spread of classical and erudite music, the project included a concert by the lyric singer Carmen Monarcha at Teatro Guaíra, with ticket sales going to the hospital, and another at the UN headquarters in New York. Project also included the promotion of musical performances by local artists.

  • 2014- For the Right to Life II

    It addressed investments in technological innovation (equipment, materials and medicines), development of scientific research that promotes advances in the diagnosis and continuous training of health professionals, to contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality of care, the promotion of more effective treatments and the reduction of infant and juvenile mortality.

  • 2015 – Photo exhibition: I See it Like This

    The project addressed the use of photography as an element of creating imaginary scenarios for children undergoing treatment.

  • 2015 – Theater in 4 Seasons

    Promote access to the performing arts for patients and their families, weekly theatrical workshops were held over six months.

  • 2015 – Goal for Life Concerts - Sinfonia Brasil Orchestra

    The project was mainly aimed at providing opportunities and democratizing access to classical music to audiences in Curitiba and São Paulo, as well as to patients, families, employees and partners of the hospital.

  • 2016 – In the Kingdom of Araucarilândia

    Aimed to democratize access to reading and culture through the publication of a coloring book on the landscape in the surroundings of Curitiba, and to hold botanical painting workshops for children undergoing treatment at the hospital and their families.

  • 2017 - Curitiba Theater Festival

    Support for the event included the distribution of tickets to employees and customers in Curitiba.

  • 2017 – Brazilian Ring Around the Rosie

    Developed with the aim of providing children and adolescents with access to Brazilian culture through theatrical performances of short stories, music and other expressions of popular tradition.

  • 2017 - Project Iguape

    Contemplated a historical and cultural record of the region of the municipality of Iguape (SP) and information about the importance of the planet's sustainability and the preservation of water sources for the community. It also included the dissemination of characteristics of Brazilian biodiversity, raising awareness of the importance of the region, culture and environmental preservation.

  • 2017 - Staging: The Word of Brown America

    The project aimed to stimulate the development of theatrical knowledge related to the environment by the general community, patients and their families.

  • 2017 – Full Health

    It aimed to contribute to the provision of healthcare with technical and scientific excellence and centeredness, guaranteeing fundamental rights of patients. To this end, it included initiatives to strengthen the family bond, psychological support to families and guarantee the continuity of studies and access to culture during hospitalization.

  • 2018 - Gastronomix

    Support for the gastronomy festival that closes the Curitiba Festival included the creation of a lounge for the public to rest and recharge their cell phone batteries. Several actions were developed to present Electra employees, customers and followers with tickets to the two events.

  • 2019 – Casa Familiar Rural Filhos da Terra (Native Farm Family House)

    Native Farm Family House is a center for studies, research, training and qualification for family farming in the region. Approximately 30 young people are trained each year with certification in vocational high school. The institution's mission is to present and teach students and the community a sustainable land management system that increases the global yield of the production area, where the production of various agricultural crops is combined, including the cultivation of trees.

  • 2020 – Lar Iracy (Iracy Home) – Electra Energy Solidarity Carnival

    Electra's employees came together for the “Solidarity Carnival” action. The institution chosen for the donation was “Iracy Home”, a home for the elderly and an Independent Philanthropic Institution founded and maintained by the Santa Rita de Cássia Association since 1982. More than 60 kg of food were collected, 12 packages of geriatric diapers in addition to personal hygiene items. The delivery of the items took place on 02/20/2020 with the presence of some employees who had the opportunity of an afternoon full of affection and care for people. Solidarity is our energy.

  • 2020 - Expansion to improve care for the elderly

    The project included the development of a modern research center with the active participation of 50 doctors and the provision of more than 100 monthly vacancies for 24 training meetings for professionals throughout the health chain. The prospect was to benefit 65 thousand patients by 2021.

  • 2020 – Biblioteca Pequeno Príncipe (Little Prince Library)

    It aims to encourage the training of new readers through the creation of a library in the Pequeno Príncipe Complex, aimed at serving the institution's internal public and the local community. It also included 30 reading circles for small patients and their families and three reading circles in public schools in Curitiba.

  • 2022 - Brazilians for Brazil

    The Brazilians for Brazil program, from Fundação Banco do Brasil, integrates those who plant and those who are in a situation of social vulnerability and need food. The connection is made through the purchase of products from small rural producers to distribute food baskets to poor families.

  • 2023 - Risorama

    Risorama is a Brazilian humor festival created in 2004 by Curitiba comedian Diogo Portugal as part of the Curitiba Festival. It is considered a pioneer in this genre and one of Brazil's most traditional humor festivals, combining various styles of stand-up comedy on a single stage.
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