Founded in 2001, Electra Energy is one of the largest and most traditional independent energy traders in the country and one of the largest companies in the South region – in 2023 was classified as the fourth largest energy company in Paraná by the ranking 500 Biggest in the South – Big Ones & Leaders, developed by Grupo Amanhã in technical partnership with PwC.

ESG practices have been part of our trajectory since the beginning. In this context, Electra was a pioneer in the negotiation of energy from sources encouraged on the free market, in a process that also inaugurated the negotiation of carbon credits linked to energy generation.

Responsible for negotiating more than 100 TWh, the company operates with transparency and solidity, always guided by the best competitive conditions for customers and with continuous investments in innovation.

Based in Curitiba (PR) and operating throughout the country, Electra controls the retail trader Directa Energia. Both are part of the Electra Group, which also includes Electra Renováveis and Illian Energias Renováveis, responsible for the development and implementation of the group's energy generation projects.

It's been 22 years contributing to the development of the free market so that this market can provide clean and competitive energy to more and more Brazilians.

That's the energy of our lives!

        To trade electricity, generating solid
        and sustainable business.

        To be a reference in electriciy trading
       generating value for customers,
        shareholders, employess and society.