Electra Energy customers
saved 32,6% on electricity in 2018

Electra Energy customers saved an average of 32,6% on electricity through purchases in the Free Contracting Environment in 2018. This result takes into account the expenditures the companies would have incurred had they stayed in the regulated contracting environment. For this year, we expect average savings of 29%, which is an excellent figure that may translate into more than R$55 million saved.

In the opinion of Angela Saraiva, our Commercial Director, the significant cost reduction obtained by our customers arises from the difference in electricity prices between the regulated and the free contracting environments, and the savings may even be higher depending on when the electricity is contracted. Saraiva also points out that the savings are improved by Electra’s monitoring of the customers’ monthly transactions. “This monitoring allows us to review and take advantage of swap transactions, use of energy ballast, obtain a discount on the Distribution System Usage Rate (TUST), assign surpluses etc.,” explains Saraiva, also adding that these tools ensure greater efficiency and competitiveness for operations in the free contracting environment, and that Electra’s employees are prepared to assist companies in their decision-making regarding the best timing and conditions to contract their electricity, with a view to optimizing their savings.

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Migration process


Economic feasibility analysis to support the customer’s decision to migrate to the Free Contracting Environment.

Disclosure of the current supply contract with the Distributor.

Definition of the amount of electricity to be purchased under a long-term contract in the Free Contracting Environment.

Adjustment of the Billing Measurement System (SMF) with the Distributor.

Signature of the Contracts for Connection to the Distribution System (CCD) and Use of the Distribution System (CUSD) with the local distributor.

Registration with the Electricity Trading Chamber (CCEE) to become a market agent. For this entire process, count on the capability and expertise of Electra Energy to purchase your electricity in the Free Contracting Environment.